The Future of
Material Movement

Safer, Quicker and Autonomous

Achieve 6x efficiency in Material Movement

Autonomous All-Terrain Material Mover

Driverless operation

Driverless Operation

Eliminates human error and optimizes performance

Electric power train

Electric Power Train

Efficient and sustainable solution with instant torque and uncompromised power

customizable dumper

Customizable Dumper

A customizable dumper that is designed to carry a payload of 500 - 700 kgs

Battery operated

Swappable batteries

Minimize downtime by seamlessly swapping batteries.

Sensor based Intelligence

Sensor based Intelligence

Harness real-time data and allocate resources more efficiently

low OpEx, Low Maintainence

Low OpEx & Low Maintenance

Achieve more productive worksites in less time with a smaller budget.

Optimized for Hoists
And Cranes

Move your materials to desired height with ease using our Material Mover.​

Integrated Analytics Dashboard

Stay ahead of your operations with real-time intelligence monitoring.​

Product Benefits

Reduced Workload

Reduce Time by 45%

Reduce cost by 50%

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