About Flo Mobility

At Flo Mobility, we believe that the true adaptation of autonomy lies in the seamless coexistence of humans and bots. By leveraging the power of sensors, computer vision, edge computing, and actuators, we optimize this relationship to deliver the best speed, agility, comfort, and control. We aim to revolutionize the way humans and bots collaborate, unlocking a future where autonomous capabilities redefine mobility.

FLO Mobility in a robotics event
Flo Mobility at G20 2023 summit in Gandhinagar

Channel Partners

Meet Our Dynamic Channel Partners

Bhavik Hemant Shah

Bhavik Shah

Partner Jainam Enterprises, Founder at Arinco Solutions Pvt Ltd | 10+ Years of Experience in Mining and manufacturing for Construction Industry

Himanshu Bhavsar

Himanshu Bhavsar

NICMAR, Pune | B.E. Civil | Director, BuniyadByte Digiinfratech Pvt Ltd. | 20+ yrs experience in Construction industry | Ex-Systra


Sudarshan Narayan

Founder - Coboticca Automation Private Limited - makers of autonomous housekeeping robots. Founder - Amplifi - a B2B SaaS accelerator. Founder - Clark & Kent - a SE Asia focused CXO hiring firm. Angel Investor and startup mentor.

Core Team

Meet Our Core Team - The Driving Force Behind Our Company's Success

Manesh Jain

Founder & Ceo

MDI, Gurgaon, Gold Medalist | B.E. Mechanical | Ex-IBM | 18+ yrs experience | 3x founder with successful exits


Co-Founder & COO

B.Tech, Mechanical | Ex-Founder Lithos Motors | Ex-Byjus, Accenture | 8 yrs of Exp | Seasoned Business and & Product Leader