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Run time of the vehicle6 hours
Battery Capacity100Ah (24V, LFP)
Charging time 5.5hours
Total Electric units7 units for one complete charge
Spraying area 30-50 acre per battery cycle
Speed of operation4km/hr
Tank Capacity300 litres
Spraying pump ratingAspee PS16, 300PSi, 3HP
Water filling time8mins
Discharge 50-60 litres per acre
Efficacy80 microns
Mode of OperationRemote Controlled


Weight at full load700 Kg
Length2.2 meters
Height 2.2 meters
Width 2.4 meters
Wheel base 1.52 meters
Tread 0.7 meters
Boom width10 meters ( 20 Nozzles with 80 degree cones )
Nozzle typeCeramic 80 degree Hollow cone and 110 degree Flat Fan
Nozzle spacing0.5 meters
Number of Nozzles18
Boom height0-1.7 meters
Effective ground clearance1.5 meters
Min ground clearance0.38 meters

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